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Nanodropper Adaptor

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The Nanodropper is a medical device.
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Tired of having expensive medications dripping down your face? Current eyedrops are 5 times too big for your eye meaning 80% of every drop is wasted.

The Nanodropper is the first and only adaptor for eyedrop bottles that reduces the drop volume to just what the eye can absorb. Smaller drops reduce waste and unwanted side effects of eyedrop medications.

The Nanodropper was designed to improve every aspect of the eyedrop experience. See more information on product features and usability here.

First-time customer?

Follow these steps to ensure the Nanodropper is right for your drops.

Nanodropper is a one-size-fits-most for a specific bottle type. Please click the button above and take time to read the information on that page carefully.

The Nanodropper adaptor is a sterile medical device and is not intended to be taken off the bottle once installed. We recommend using one adaptor per medication bottle and discard at the end of the bottle-life. For more information on how many to order, click the button above.

When you install the Nanodropper, you will remove the original cap. Our colored labels and icons will help you tell your medications apart and remember when to take your drops. Click the button above to add labels to your order.

We always recommend that you talk to your eyecare professional to ensure that Nanodropper is right for your treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions


Option 1: Order 4 or more adaptors.

Option 2: Buy at your local eye care clinic. Click here for a list of locations offering the Nanodropper.

Option 3: Donate a “Pay-It-Forward” adaptor with your order of any amount and receive free shipping on the whole order. Donate 4 or more adaptors and get a FREE GIFT!

I can't afford the adaptor, can I get one for free?
As part of our Give the Gift of Vision Program, you can sign up to recieve a “Pay-It-Forward” Nanodropper Adaptor at no cost to you by filling out this form.
I'm located outside of the US, can I order?
We are currently only able to fulfill orders to addresses within the US or US territories. We are working hard to be available internationally. If you are located outside of the US, please fill out the subscription form at the bottom of the website to be alerted when we are available where you live.
What is the right dose for eyedrops?

Multiple studies support that 7-10 microliters is the ideal-sized drop size for the average human eye. Typical eyedrop bottles administer upwards of 50 microliters. The Nanodropper adaptor reduces the size of each drop the ideal 10 microliter range.

Why are smaller eyedrops safer?

There’s a limited space on your eye that can hold extra liquid. After that limit is met, the excess will be drained by your tear ducts or blinked out of your eye. The bigger the initial drop, the bigger your eye’s response to the foreign sensation. This means more medication is absorbed into your body, instead of just in your eye as intended by your doctor. This can have what is called “systemic side effects,” where the medication acts as if it was administered through an IV. Because the severity is volume-dependent, the smaller drops have been shown in clinical studies to be safer.

I use 2 medications, can I share one Nanodropper for both bottles?
The Nanodropper adaptor is a sterile medical device and is not intended to be taken off the bottle once installed. We recommend using one adaptor per medication to prevent risk of contamination, infection, and injury.
Can I clean and reuse the Nanodropper adaptor?

The Nanodropper adaptor is a sterile medical device and is not intended to be taken off the bottle once installed. Please use one adaptor per medication bottle and discard at the end of the bottle-life. Home sterilization has not been studied with the adaptor, and can lead to contamination, infection, and injury. Do not attempt to clean or reuse any parts of the Nanodropper adaptor.

When should I throw away the bottle of eyedrops?
Expiration of medications is a tricky science. Our recommendation is always to have a conversation with your eye doctor and follow their instructions. For general guidance, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that you throw away your bottle of eyedrops 3 months after you open the bottle.

See all FAQs here.

Use one Nanodropper per bottle. Do not transfer or reuse on subsequent bottles. Misuse, reuse, or attempts to re-sterilize Nanodropper may result in reduced treatment efficacy, serious infection, injury, or death. Dispose of your bottle when recommended by your eyecare professional. Nanodropper may not be used with some treatment plans, always consult your eyecare professional before using the Nanodropper.

Need help ordering or have a question?
Reach our customer support team at support@nanodropper.com or call us at (507) 405-5676.

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2 reviews for Nanodropper Adaptor

  1. Becky Hannahs

    I bought my Nanodropper from my ophthalmologist’s office. It was $21.00 there, so more expensive but no shipping costs. Also, it does not work on all bottles, as stated in the literature. I specifically bought it for a particularly burning medication so I would not have extra medication and more burning than necessary. It works but is clumsy since it does not fit the bottle. Still, I will continue to buy these to lower the expense of the medication. I am going to order a few more off the web site to have them available and to use on my other prescription eye drops. I would like if they could attach the blue nipple to any bottle and just stay put without the securing ring, which is the part that does not fit. Then maybe be able to use the original cap as well, and lower the cost of the device in the process.

    • Mackenzie (verified owner)

      Hi Becky, thanks for the comment! We are sorry to hear that the Nanodropper doesn’t fit on your current bottle, you can test future bottles with our compatibility guide: https://www.nanodropper.com/compatibility
      We are working on a new device that will be compatible with more bottles, stay tuned!

  2. Margaret Cenkner

    I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You mention in your FAQ section to fill out the subscription form at the bottom of the page to be notified when the nannodropper will be shipping to my area. This is the only spot I could find so I hope it works.

    • Mackenzie (verified owner)

      Hi Margaret, thanks for the comment! I just checked and I do not see a subscription from you. If you go to our homepage (nanodropper.com) and scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see a box that says “Want to receive exclusive offers and be the first to hear about sales and product updates? Subscribe below!” then you can click “I’m an eyedrop user” and fill out that form!
      In the meantime, I will put your email on our notification list to ensure you are alerted when we are available in Canada.

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